Toxicology Testing

In today's world, some people take their medications exactly as prescribed. While there are some who don't adhere to the regiment for treatment. Unfortunately,  abuse of medication is a growing problem, not only for prescribed medication but also illicit drugs.


At intire Health, we recognize this problem. We manage two labs that specialize in toxicology to help reduce the risk of prescription/ drug abuse. Our labs have the capability of testing up to 60 analytes that fall under 21 drug classes. In addition to this, our tests quantify the drug levels, determining if your patients’ intake has been steady or infrequent. With this information, you’ll be able to address the issue with them before it becomes a problem.



With a thorough toxicology report, as well as a board certified toxicologist on staff, this will help physicians can give their patients the best course of treatment possible and will help you determine if the medications you prefer to prescribe will have any harmful drug-to-drug interactions.

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